The $92,010 Ram TRX Launch Edition Is the Most Expensive Half-Ton Pickup Truck

And you know they’ll sell all of them.

byCaleb Jacobs|
RAM News photo

Now that the Ford Raptor finally has competition in the performance pickup space, it's time we step back and realize: the Ram TRX was never going to be cheap. Still, at $71,690 after delivery, a base-level model is sold for right around $100 per horsepower. The same can't be said for the limited-run TRX Launch Edition, however, as Ram announced Monday that each of the 702 examples will cost $92,010 when all is said and done.

You get a lot of truck for this show-stopping price—there is, of course, the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi, handy coil spring suspension at all four corners, active Bilstein shocks and a swath of luxury features that come standard on the Launch Edition. They're all painted in a trim-specific Anvil Gray color and receive a 19-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, heads-up display and a panoramic sunroof, among other things. But is that enough to justify the asking price? For the select few that are sure to dish out the cash, the answer is a blatant "Hell yeah, brother."

To this point, the Ford F-150 Limited has been the top-shelf choice of those with an expensive taste in trucks. There's even an all-new generation coming for 2021, but as we know, a four-wheel-drive Limited starts at just $75,945. At that level of equipment, there aren't enough options to tack on and bring it up to the TRX Launch Edition's price tier.

I also configured the most expensive Ram 3500 Limited—the company's priciest model that isn't a collector special—and couldn't hit $92,010. Even with all the equipment needed to hit its max tow capacity of 35,100 pounds, not to mention the rhinestone cowboy amenities on offer, it was about $1,000 off of the TRX Launch Edition. Then again, you won't see the heavy-hauling dually blasting through the sand at 118 miles per hour, or fording 32 inches of water.

Ford doesn't build a $90,000 Raptor either, though most examples you'll find on dealer lots are In the upper-$60,000 range. At least on paper, the Ram does everything just as well if not better than the Ford, especially in the power department—the TRX produces 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet compared to the Raptor's 450 hp and 510 pound-feet.

While all of the TRX Launch Editions are sure to sell in due time, the fact they're not gone yet proves that maybe not everyone is eager to drop that much cash on a half-ton pickup. We can think of a few people who probably will, though...

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