10 Reasons The RAM Macho Power Wagon Is The Ultimate Expedition Vehicle

Straight from the factory!

byEvan Yates| PUBLISHED Nov 1, 2016 4:51 PM
10 Reasons The RAM Macho Power Wagon Is The Ultimate Expedition Vehicle

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Macho Power Wagon was considered one of the most brazen rigs on the market outfitted with meaty tires, husky roll bars and bold colors and graphics. RAM’s latest take on the famed Macho nameplate not only did the predecessor justice, but may have just created the best factory-built off-road vehicle - ever. 

Here’s what makes the Macho Power Wagon so special:

1. 37-Inch Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires.

The Trail Grappler is positioned between Nitto’s extreme tire, the Mud Grappler and their tamer, on-road tire, the Terra Grappler. The Trail Grappler provides a tire that you can live with every day but take to the trails on the weekends – perfect for this type of truck.

2. 18-Inch Beadlock Wheels

If these are indeed true beadlocks, the wheels will provide the ability to lower the tire pressure to tackle certain obstacles that call for it without the tire separating from the wheel. Beadlock wheels can also potentially aid in hobbling back to civilization in the case of a puncture as opposed to getting towed. Is the overkill for a street truck? Absolutely, but it’s pretty cool that the Macho comes with this feature equipped.

3. Four-Inch Lift Kit

It goes without saying, a lifted suspension is both necessary and helpful when off-roading. The extra ground clearance plus the ability to clear those massive 37-inch tires is a must on the Macho. Without proper ground distance between the underside of your truck and the terrain, it’s highly-probable you could incur some serious damage off-road.

Wheels & Tires

, 37-inch x 12 1/2-inch Nitto Trail Grappler MT tires and 18-inch beadlock wheels., FCA

4. Buit-In Winch

If you’ve ever been off-road, you understand that attempting it without a winch (or at least a few other trucks that have winches) can result in disaster. No matter how basic the obstacle may appear, you can always get stuck no matter how capable your vehicle or how skilled the driver. 

5. Front And Rear Tow Hooks

For the same reason a winch is necessary, tow hooks are in the same conversation. The Macho Power Wagon comes with four; two in the front and two in the rear. These can be helpful if you get yourself in a pinch or if others get stuck, too. 

6. Skid Plate

To ensure protection against rocks, mud and any other debris you find yourself crushing through, a legit skid plate is a must when off-roading. There are plenty of obstacles out on the trails that could end your day quickly without a skid plate and you certainly want to keep everything underneath as protected as possible.

The new front bumper is equipped with a winch, skid plate and tow hooks., FCA

7. 21-Inch LED Light Bar And Clearance Lights 

Although LED light bars have become quite the bro-truck addition, they truly do serve a purpose when off-road. Typically, most paths you navigate are deep in the woods where there isn’t a street light for miles. Unfortunately, in these conditions standard headlights simply do not suffice.


8. RamRack System

The RamRack system is a clever contraption that slides along tracks on the bed to provide additional gear storage. This is especially helpful for crew cab trucks that typically have shorter beds. It’s also adjustable for varying equipment lengths. The system works in conjunction with the slim-line roof rack to securely fasten virtually any outdoor equipment you’d like to bring on your expeditions. Another attractive feature is that the RamRack center piece slides forward and stows behind the sail panel when not in use. Very cool. 

9. The 6.4-liter HEMI 

410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft torque combined with the Macho’s 4x4 capability is a combination prepared for virtually any scenario. Not to mention, a Mopar cold-air intake was also added to this particular model plus dual-wall, five-inch exhaust tips for a bit more air flow.

10. All-in-one!

The fact that all of this is built into one vehicle that you could potentially purchase at a Dodge dealer someday may be the biggest selling point. As a full-size truck owner, I can tell you that not having to source all of these items in the aftermarket is very attractive. Although I imagine Mopar would charge a fortune for them, it sure would be nice to purchase a legit turn-key, off-road truck. Not to mention, being factory-installed means the dealer has to take care of the warranty, right? Mr. Service Writer, my winch broke this weekend - fix it!