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This 1969 Dodge D200 Power Wagon Mega Cab is One-of-a-Kind

And it's a bit more modern than it appears.

The Dodge RAM’s predecessor, the D Series, was produced from 1961 to 1980. The second generation, which spanned from 1965 to 1971 was arguably the most attractive, hence why there’s been a handful of attempts at complete restorations. The most notable second-gen transformations of the D Series trucks were made by Los Angeles, CA customizer, ICON, who reworked at least two of these classic rigs. ICON swapped the chassis with a mid-2000s RAM and updated minor attributes while retaining the overall look and feel. However, in the world of resto-mod customization, it’s not always who did it first, but who did it best. 


Time Warp Customs of Alpharetta, GA is the custom division of Southern Off-Road, a retail 4×4 shop that has been in business since 2000. A repeat customer of theirs requested a 1960s Dodge Power Wagon with all the creature comforts and capability of today’s trucks. Thankfully, they had a few builds under their belts that prepared them for such a request.

Evan Yates

Time Warp’s venture into custom vehicles began three years ago when they merged a 1956 Divco milk truck with a 2014 Ram 1500. The shop not only brought over the new chassis and powertrain to the vintage Divco, but also the complete interior including the dash and seats. This project birthed a side business where the team would locate classic rigs and combine them with their contemporary counterparts.

Evan Yates

What sets this particular build apart from other’s attempts is the extent in which the truck was modernized. Never before had a classic Power Wagon been transformed to this magnitude.

Evan Yates

Even if you’re not familiar with these trucks (not many are), one of the most noticeable additions is the Mega Cab extension behind the rear doors. This additional space is equivalent to the modern Mega Cab allowing for additional leg room and storage. In this instance, the extra real estate also allowed Time Warp Customs to incorporate the custom exhaust stacks into the cab. 

Underneath the vintage shell lies a modern 2015 RAM 3500 dually chassis. A custom bed was fabricated to accommodate the additional wheels and the floor received a unique wood finish. The front and rear of the Power Wagon were equipped with Kelderman Alpha Series bumpers. The front bumper also features a Warn winch and Factor 55 fairlead and safety thimble.

What truly makes this truck the most unique classic Power Wagon on the planet is the seamless integration of the modern interior into the cabin. Along with Audition Audio of Cumming, GA who did most of the heavy lifting when it came to interior fabrication and integration, Time Warp Customs pulled off an immaculate transformation. All the factory RAM features remain functional and from behind the wheel, it’s difficult to detect the difference between old and new.

For this build to be a legit, contemporary resto-mod, the engine and suspension had to be top notch. Thankfully, with a Ram 3500 donor the Power Wagon was the recipient of RAM’s extensive R&D before they even began the build. Therefore, not much was needed to upgrade the chassis. Time Warp Customs took the factory equipment to the next level integrating a Kelderman air ride suspension system featuring Fox 2.0 shocks. 

To propel this tremendous truck, Black’s Diesel Performance worked their magic on the 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel. This setup is now primed to produce upwards of 650-hp and 1300 lb-ft of torque!


Vehicle: 1969 Dodge Power Wagon D200

Suspension: Three-inch Kelderman air ride kit.

Tires: 37×12.50×20 Toyo Open Country R/T.

Wheels: 20-inch American Force Independence wheels.

Bumpers: Custom Kelderman Alpha Series.

Recovery: Warn Industries 15,000-lb winch, Factor 55 Fairlead and Factor 55 ProLink.

Steps: Amp Research power boards.

Lighting: Rigid Industries LED lighting.

Interior: Complete 2015 Ram 2500 interior with custom carpet, dash and headliner.

Performance: 6.7L Twin Turbo Diesel Custom Built By Blacks Diesel Performance, ATS CP3 duel fuel pump kit.