Ram TRX Driver Sinks Their 702-HP Super Truck at Texas Off-Road Park

More throttle isn’t always the answer.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Oct 20, 2021 12:02 PM
Ram TRX Driver Sinks Their 702-HP Super Truck at Texas Off-Road Park

The Ram TRX is currently king when it comes to high-powered off-road trucks. It's got a 702-horsepower supercharged V8 and from what we've seen, it can take a beating. Care-free owners have shown how the Hellcat pickup handles massive jumps and, on paper, it should be great at water crossings given its 32-inch fording depth. You can't help but wonder, then, what happened with this sunken TRX at a Texas off-road park.

Not much context was given in the original Facebook post that showed the Ram mostly underwater. Its windows aren't submerged and neither is its high-mount intake—at least when the picture was taken—but it looks to be stuck in the mud that lies below. It probably doesn't help to add a bed full of water to its already hefty curb weight, either.

Xtreme Off-Road Park

From what I can tell, this is actually a UTV crossing at Xtreme Off-Road Park in the Texas town of Crosby. It's located along the San Jacinto River and Google Maps shows several smaller bodies of water throughout the park. One commenter posted a video of their Polaris diving deep down and emerging out the other side in what looks to be the same spot, so it's at least possible with the right rig. You'd think, though, that the TRX would be plenty capable.

Again, it probably boils down to weight and, with all respect, driver skill. Flooring it with that much power can do you more harm than good, especially when the ground underneath is soggy and soft. With a dry weight of nearly 6,400 pounds before you go adding any people or gear (or water), the TRX is already at a two-ton disadvantage versus a comparatively lightweight UTV. Start digging with those Goodyear Wrangler all-terrains and you'll soon find yourself in a hole not even four-wheel drive can pull you out of.

Hopefully they had friends close by to yank them out, and they'd better set a day aside just for cleaning all the mud out from underneath it. The last thing you want your $90,000+ truck to be is dirty, right?

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