Dodge Challenger Hellcat ‘Go-Kart’ Is a 707-HP Deathtrap

The wrecked Challenger has been stripped of pretty much everything except its interior and drivetrain.

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Since being offered from the factory as a crate engine, the 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 has been swapped into just about everything short of a Mini Cooper. There's a Hellcat-powered Prowler, Hellcat-powered Dodge Power Wagons, and even a blown Hemi-driven Buick Grand National with 707 horsepower under the hood. These are all impressive builds, but what if you want all of the joy of a car with a Hellcat, but none of the real mechanical busywork? Forget finding a rear-end strong enough or buying a custom driveshaft that's the right length. Buy an entire salvage Hellcat and simply drop a new body on.

Sounds like a tough thing to find, I know, but today's your lucky day. For sale on eBay right now by Cleveland Power and Performance is a mostly complete Dodge Challenger Hellcat that's missing a few things that won't be necessary once a new body is dropped on. It has no doors, no roof, no windshield—nothing. Somewhat similar to the Beetle body with an S2000 underneath that we covered before, it's like the shellfish part of a hermit crab, just searching for a new shell. 

The muscle car was clearly involved in an accident, and some damaged sheet metal is still visible on the body. That doesn't mean this 2015 Challenger is unfit to drive, though. Included in the listing is a video of it moving under its own power, which means at the very least it can travel a few hundred feet in one direction. 

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It apparently still runs fine; the body just has some damage near the back as well as the driver's side front fender. The interior is missing a few parts, too, primarily where it appears the airbags deployed on the seat bolster and steering wheel.

Everything else, according to the listing, is in prime condition. Unfortunately for fans of three pedals, this particular Challenger has an eight-speed automatic transmission, but that doesn't mean it'll be any harder to light up the tires. Take a look at the engine bay—it's flawless. Everything's sitting where it should, and no leaks or damage are visible.

You've gotta be wondering what the price is for this wrecked Challenger turned Hellcat donor vehicle. It's technically up for auction, though it has a buy-it-now price of $31,995. All things considered, if you have the cash to do a body swap, it's not entirely unreasonable. The reserve hasn't been met yet with the highest bid currently at $20,000, but you may still be able to get it a little cheaper than the listed price. Keep in mind, a new Hellcat engine from Dodge—just the motor—could run you as much as $20,215.00.

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