This Demon-Swapped, 1,525-HP AWD Dodge Charger Widebody Was Built as a Birthday Gift

Happy birthday to the world's luckiest Dodge fan.


Imagine this: You're the proud owner of a 1,400-horsepower, carbon-bodied, twin-turbo Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Your older brother, who got you into Mopar in the first place, tells you he likes the thing but is more of a four-door kinda guy. His 65th birthday is coming up, and you have the chance to show him gratitude for the muscle car fanaticism he imparted on you. Clearly, the only fitting tribute to the man is a Dodge even wilder than your own but built more to his taste.

Drew Phillips, Kahn Media

Indeed, Alex Palermo—the owner of the aforementioned Challenger—commissioned the same shop that built his car, Speedkore, to build one Charger to rule them all on the basis of a police-spec 2019 Dodge Charger Pursuit. Speedkore pitched the 3.6-liter V6 in favor of a 6.2-liter V8 from the Challenger SRT Demon, which it augmented with twin Precision 6466 ball-bearing turbochargers, Thitek cylinder heads, and a tri-pump E85 fuel system.

The beast breathes through a custom intake manifold and twin-exit exhaust, which can dump through the front fender on the racetrack or the three-inch Magnaflow pipes on the road. In all, this Charger is capable of exhaling 1,525 horsepower on a "conservative" 26 pounds of boost, with more potentially on the way, as the car has only made its "initial" trip to the dyno.

All this power flows through an FTI torque converter and a Hellraiser Performance automatic transmission to a Traction Products transfer case, which distributes power through a carbon fiber driveshaft to all four wheels. High-performance Mickey Thompson ET Street tires on all four corners hopefully make this car's power manageable on some level.

Drew Phillips, Kahn Media

Of course, the build wouldn't be complete without bodywork to enshroud meaty rubber like that, so Speedkore obtained a Charger Widebody, 3D-scanned every panel, and recreated them all from pre-preg carbon fiber. Everything from the front bumper and fenders to rear diffuser and spoiler is made from the ultra-light composite, which will be mesmerizing under the lights of SEMA 2019, where the car will be displayed for the duration of this year's show (where it shares the floor with another buzzed-about, high-powered Dodge).