Dodge’s New Charger Police Cars Use Cameras and Radar to Protect Officers from Threats

Dodge will be offering their Officer Protection Package free of charge on 2017 Charger Pursuit packages.

Police officers are trained to always be aware of their surroundings and to not let one task envelop their senses. Unfortunately, on some occasions, like traffic stops, it’s hard to watch every angle. That’s where Dodge comes in.

In an effort to protect law enforcement from being ambushed, Dodge has teamed up with Intermotive Inc. of Auburn, California. Intermotive Inc. utilizes Dodge’s rear radar system as well as their rear camera to serves a second set of eyes for officers sitting in their squad cars. The system alerts the officer of an approaching individual, so they can react accordingly. 

The rear sensors and camera are already installed by Dodge as part of the vehicle’s ParkSense and Parkview parking assistance systems, but Intermotive plugs into the Charger’s OBDII port and allows the officer to easily activate the warning system using an auxiliary button.

When someone is detected behind the vehicle, the Charger reacts in four ways: a chime alerts the officer; the front windows roll up; the doors lock; and the taillights flash.

Officer Protection Package Alerts Police of Approaching People

 In an effort to encourage the use of this protective feature, Dodge is issuing the Officer Protection Package to departments free of charge on all new 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit vehicles.