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Check Out This Insane Dodge Charger Hellcat Emergency Vehicle

707 horsepower and a siren sounds like a scary combination.

We have seen a lot of cool emergency vehicles spread throughout the internet, but this one certainly takes the cake. Rambow Restorations in Maryland decided to fully outfit their 2016 Dodge Charger Hellcatwith emergency lights and siren with the help of 911 Rapid Response. This Pennsylvania based emergency vehicle outfitter had to get creative with the build as the Dodge Charger Hellcat is not typically an emergency vehicle.

The size of the massive 6.2-liter supercharged V8 did not make life easier for the builders as it gave little room behind the grill to work with. Getting creative, they installed four Feniex Fusion 40 degree optic lights to replicate the effectiveness of a light stick without having to deal with the size. They then installed a Feniex Fusion supervisor bar as well as rear deck bar. Both units were designed for the Dodge Charger Pursuit so they easily fit in the Charger Hellcat. 

Then cencom system is cleanly mounted on the dash for easy accessibility and it is used to operate the lights and siren. Although the rear deck lights normally operate in a random warning pattern, the cencom system can change the lights from white to amber and have them flash as a directional bar. The cencom system can also turn the lights solid white for flooding a scene with illumination. 

It is unclear why the vehicle has lights and sirens as the owners are a 24-hour emergency restoration company. Although they respond to fires and other emergency property damage, they are not certified to operate code 3. That being said, this may be a promotional vehicle for events and parades to gain publicity.