The Dodge Challenger GT Is Muscle for All Seasons

The venerable Dodge Challenger brings the fight year-round with the new GT.

byKevin Tagoe|
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The Dodge Challenger, aka the “strongest muscle in America,” has introduced a new variant in 2017 to go along with its huge offering of packages and options. The Dodge Challenger GT offers the same Earth-shaking performance that owners have come to love, along with several comfortable amenities—including standard all-wheel-drive. The GT is currently the only Challenger with this feature. The powertrain uses the same V6 engine found in the SXT; however, the air intake and exhaust of the Challenger GT are tuned to help provide most of its peak torque from 1,800 to 6,400 rpm. The Challenger GT also comes with “Super Track Pak,” a telemetry and launch control aid that details the car’s real-time performance through 0-60 times, lap times, G-Forces, and other metrics. Optional features, such as the Alpine nine-speaker sound system and the rain sensitive windshield wipers, are offered in the GT interior and technology packages. Regardless, the main point of this new Challenger is its AWD system.

Sourced from the Charger, the AWD system engages seamlessly in appropriate driving conditions, like in freezing temperatures, or the rain. The AWD is also activated when sport mode is turned on to aid with hard cornering. Like the Charger system, the Challenger GT AWD will disengage when the car is traveling straight to reduce wheel drag and improve fuel economy. The all-season capability of the AWD system cannot be understated; a test by All-Par revealed the competency of the Challenger GT in inclement weather compared to the other Challenger models. Slush, light, and heavy snow were no match for the car. Hilly terrain and strong corners were also no trouble. The Challenger GT also outclassed the rival Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro in the snow as well. While its AWD is not too much use in summer weather like many of us are experiencing right now, the all-season nature of the Challenger GT makes it a strong option for those looking for a well-rounded muscle car.

Check out All-Par to see the Challenger GT put through its paces in snow and learn more about the car.

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