Dodge Challenger Demon Gets One Last Teaser Video Before It Arrives

The car makes its debut next Tuesday, ahead of the New York Auto Show.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
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No, don't check your calendar. It's not Thursday. And yet, Fiat-Chrysler has still dropped a new Dodge Challenger Demon video on the Internet's proverbial lap, just one day after revealing the car will have the ability to run on race gas. The reason? Well, SRT's newest Hellcat-powered muscle car is less than a week away from finally showing its face just before the formal start of the New York International Motor Show.

The final video, entitled "Judgement Day," doesn't contain any last-minute spoilers—sorry, no confirmation of those 1,000-horsepower-on-racing-fuel rumors here—forgoing new footage of the car for peaceful footage of a drag strip and the occasional glimpse inside the hotly-anticipated "Demon Crate." There is a shot of a drag strip time slip printing out at the end, but it's deliberately far enough out of focus to prevent us from determining anything besides  a trap speed in the three digits...which isn't all that surprising.

The Dodge Challenger Demon makes its triumphant debut next Tuesday, April 11th, with live-streaming coverage available on the official Demon website. Obviously, you can also bet that we'll be covering the hell out of it from the floor of the New York Auto Show next Wednesday and Thursday, too. 

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