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There’s a $250,000 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon For Sale On eBay

That's almost triple its base MSRP.

We arguably live in a golden age of motoring. Highly-desirable, limited-production performance cars are announced and released seemingly on a weekly basis. One unfortunate aspect of all this awesomeness are the questionable actions that arise when the demand of certain products outstrips supply—namely, dealer markups and speculators (see Ford Focus RS and Porsche 911 R, respectively). 

The 840 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has been no stranger to marketplace fuckery shenanigans, from dealers taking deposits they’re not supposed to be taking to crowdfunded Demons that promise its backers ten seconds (or less) of seat time. You can now add pre-purchase scalping to that list as one prospective Diesel-mobile owner has put up their order of the car on eBay for a whopping $250,000. The Dodge Demon starts at under $85,000. 

That’s a 200 percent markup, or a $165,000 premium for this guy’s proverbial spot in line. The seller explains himself thusly:

Before anyone jumps down my throat saying “Your crazy for the price your asking” just hear me out with the facts. They just released the MSRP and fully loaded it is just under $100,000. Now with that being said, that is the price before tax and before the inevitable huge dealer markup IF you can even get one at all! With that being said, I will make it short and sharp. They are only making 3300 total (3000 for the US) for only ONE year and this is your chance to own one.


I gotta admit, he kinda has a point. What follows, however, starts to fall apart. 

This is by far the most powerful, mean looking, rare, and ridiculous production car ever made.


Is the Demon one of the most powerful, mean-looking, rare, and ridiculous production cars ever made? Definitely. Is it by far the most powerful, mean-looking, rare, and ridiculous production car ever made? Debatable, at best. 

This ridiculous machine is for the true drag racers and true car guys at heart looking to purchase a future investment that will only go up in value.


I’m sorry, but in my eyes, anyone who looks at a car like this and sees it primarily as a financial investment is not a “true car guy at heart.”

The seller goes on to clarify that the successful sub-buyer will be able to customize and spec the car to their hearts desire as long as they “purchase” before an unspecified order date. If the date is missed, they’ll just have to make do with whatever colors and options this Demon-scalper happens to fancy.

Is Dodge’s 9.65-second, alleged middle-finger to automotive safety worth Lamborghini Huracan money? Before you answer, keep in mind, this one’s got the Demon crate included.