There’s a ‘2017 Ferrari 124 Spider’ For Sale on eBay

Wait, what?

byChris Tsui|
There’s a ‘2017 Ferrari 124 Spider’ For Sale on eBay

Are you in the market for a red-blooded, red-bodied, thoroughbred drop-top from Italy? Let me interest you in this 2017 Ferrari 124 Spider... wait a minute, that's not right. 

Originally spotted on the aptly named subreddit r/Shitty_Car_Mods, there apparently exists a Fiat 124 owner who has a hard time hiding his true Italian sports car aspirations. Not only does this Fiat have Ferrari badges front and back, but the owner put in the money and effort to make sure all four center caps and the steering wheel wore prancing horse logos as well. Its bright red on tan leather color scheme solidifies its connection to Maranello. Throwing a "designo pininfarina" badge on the dash basically makes it a genuine no way, shape, or form. 

For sale now on eBay, this Italian Miata's only been driven 7,400 miles and comes with its warranty intact. Still not sold? Let the owner convince you otherwise.

Want a car that will get people talking about you? Check this Italian Stallion out!

This beauty has one owner, and is a daily driver still under warranty and rocks 35+MPG Highway. You get really good treatment from Woman, Valets, and Carwash attendants! 

Javier Soto-Prince/Ebay

Oh, they'll be talking, alright. 

Turn heads, and you can say your car has an article written about it.

Javier Soto-Prince/Ebay

Well, he's not wrong.

She's 1/1 Ferrari Tributo with a crazy low price, looking rich now doesn't mean you have to be it anymore!

10% of sale will goto charity!

Javier Soto-Prince/Ebay

As of this writing, the auction sits at $11,400. Cheapest one-of-one Ferrari I've ever seen by a wide, wide margin.