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This Smallblock-Powered 1963 Ferrari GTE Hot Rod Was for Sale on eBay for $120,000

This hot rod is a mess of things that normally shouldn't go together.

All those Ferrari purists out are going to lose their minds over this 1963 Ferrari GTE hot rod currently for sale on eBay. The car is a mess of things that probably should not go together. But here they are, all part of the same car. 

According to the seller, the body was donated from a GTE being converted to a GTO. So now that you’ve got lovely Ferrari body, what do you do with it? Purists would keep it around to sell to someone that has all the underpinnings of a 1963 GTE, but needs a new body for it. But if you aren’t committed to keeping it in the Ferrari family, you might as well throw everything you have lying around at it and create something vastly different than what it started as, right? After all, there are no rules when it comes to hot rodding. In this case, you can take the body from one of the most elegant and dignified Ferraris and make it very, very naughty. 

Underneath the 1963 Ferrari GTE shell, there is a smallblock Chevy 350. That is mated to a six-speed Viper hydraulic clutch and a 9-inch Ford differential at the rear. The seller does say they sourced original Ferrari parts, glass, rubber seals, and other parts in ordr to complete the car, though.

Aside from the giant blower sticking out of the front, it doesn’t look that bad. The build quality seems to be excellent, for one thing. Don’t hate it just because it’s not a real Ferrari. You can see the full listing for this Franken-Ferrari here. The auction just closed, but who knows—it could pop up for sale again very soon.