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You Can Buy This Jeep Renegade ‘Comanche’ Pickup on eBay Right Now

This one-off Renegade has been converted into a small pickup truck and relabeled as a Comanche.

Many Jeep enthusiasts with fond memories of the automaker’s previous truck offerings were thrilled when a Wrangler-based pickup truck was announced. But for those who don’t want to wait until 2019 for your Wrangler pickup, you can buy this one-off Jeep Renegade that has been converted into a small truck on eBay right now.

eBay / marlina145

This Renegade has been rebranded as a Comanche—Jeep’s last pickup truck that was based on the XJ Cherokee. Similar to a Smyth Performance ute, the Renegade remains the same from the B-pillar forward but replaces the rear half of the vehicle with a bed, a tough looking step-side with fender flares reminiscent of the old Comanche. The Jeep logo is embossed on the custom tailgate, and the Renegade’s distinctive tail lights are reused. 

Like our VW Jetta Ute, this “Comanche” features a custom spare tire compartment under the bed, utilizing the stock location under the new bed floor. The 1.5-inch lift, custom wheels, and Toyo Open Country A/T tires add even more toughness to this former “cute ute.” The eBay posting provides no information on who did the conversion, how it was made, or what materials were used, but it certainly looks the part and appears more rugged than the standard Renegade.

The donor car is a 2015 Renegade Latitude equipped with FCA’s 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, an automatic transmission, and all-wheel-drive. With 16,800 miles it’s no garage queen, either. Though the eBay posting says it still has a factory warranty the status of some body components may be questionable with these modifications.

eBay / marlina145

Before bidding, it would be advisable to get more details about the conversion from the seller. If it was done poorly, it could look good but leave the structure of the vehicle weak and floppy, which could be a safety hazard. But if it was designed and built well it could be just as solid as the original Renegade, and functional too. Either way, it’s definitely a unique ride that’s sure to turn some heads. At the moment, the current bid is $20,100 with reserve not met.