You Can Buy the One-Off $2.7 Million Aston Martin Victor’s Headlights on eBay

How many people can say their Jeep has the same headlights as a bespoke Aston Martin?

The Aston Martin Victor is one sleek ride. There’s no denying that the British automaker absolutely nailed the retro race-inspired styling while still modernizing the body lines and overall packaging of the supercar. Given that the beast is a one-off Q creation, it’s not likely that you or I will ever be fortunate to have one parked in our driveways, but we can take solace in knowing that the headlights used in the Victor’s design are something that we can afford, and they fit in a variety of different vehicle already on the road today.

That’s right, you too can own a set of the same headlamps used in the construction of the Aston Martin Victor for just a fraction of its $2.7 million price tag. Better yet, you can even buy them from various sellers on eBay as long as you don’t mind waiting to have it shipped across the pond.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Wipac logo on the LED ring., via Aston Martin

As it turns out, the headlights used in the Victor seem to perfectly match an off-the-shelf part made by Wipac, a premium automotive lighting company that specializes in designing LED-powered exterior lighting products used in various supercars and limited-run production cars around the world. The specific headlights used in the Aston appear to be a universal model that the company advertises as a direct replacement for any vehicle with a standard 7-inch diameter round headlight.

That means you’re more than welcome to add the sporty look of Aston’s latest 847-horsepower creation to your classic Land Rover Defender, Mini, Mercedes G-Wagen, Toyota FJ Cruiser or even Jeep Wrangler.

Now look—we get it. The Victor is a one-off car, meaning it’s logical for Aston to outsource or use some off-the-shelf parts to save money. It’s not like the bespoke automaker is mass-producing the Victor and can send every last bit through a rigorous design and manufacturing cycle (we has some suspicions that Aston might not have the funds to splurge on that right now anyway). But knowing the Victor uses a common part is an interesting tidbit of knowledge, even more so when you can buy it on eBay for under $600.

Oh, and Aston isn’t alone in doing this either. Recall that the Lamborghini Diablo and Nissan 300ZX used the same headlight design, and the revered McLaren F1 shared its beloved rear tail lights with a simple coach bus.

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