Indiana Man Arrested After Trying to Start Race With Unmarked Dodge Charger Police Car

Pretty sure that's not a Hellcat, bro.

An Indiana man was arrested this week for attempting to instigate a street race with an unmarked Dodge Charger police car and fleeing once the officer activated his emergency lights, the Michigan City News-Dispatch reports.

According to police, 40-year-old Eugene Thome was just looking for a little Saturday night Fast & Furious action in his Dodge Charger when he rolled up behind another Dodge Charger on Indiana State Route 39. Perfect opportunity, right? Unfortunately, what he probably thought was a badass, blacked-out Charger was actually an incognito LaPort County Sheriff’s Office Dodge Charger police unit driven by Deputy Jim Fish. 

Fish wrote in his arrest report that Thome sped up behind him and got right on his bumper; when Fish accelerated to avoid a collision, Thome repeated the tailgating move, before blowing past the cruiser at around 70 mph. Fish flicked on his lights and siren (with a lengthy, knowing chuckle, we imagine) and gave chase.

Even though Thome got what we asked for—some great Charger-on-Charger action—he quickly pulled over and briefly tried to escape on foot, only getting about 100 yards before giving up. He admitted to Fish that he had been trying to race him, a bad choice compounded by the fact that Thome had a felony warrant out for his arrest and an official “Habitual Traffic Violator” status on his driver’s license.

The days of spotting the telltale triangular taillights of an officer’s Ford Crown Victoria are all but over, but it’s still simple enough to recognize an undercover Charger when you see one. The extra antennas are usually a dead giveaway, as is the municipal license plate. Of course, if you’re still not sure…there’s a pretty easy way to find out.