Watch a Suspect Use a Dodge Charger to Bump His Way Out of an Arrest

Police have yet to find the alleged pilot, Casey Canales Jr.

Texas police are on the lookout for a man who struck five cars with a black Dodge Charger while fleeing authorities last week, according to the New York Post.

Casey Canales Jr., 31, allegedly used the Charger to bump three police cars and ram two other cars that got in his way while evading arrest on July 5. The destruction of property came after police attempted to pull him over for possibly shooting a firearm.

In the video, you can see police vehicles rolling up to surround the Charger. The car that we’re seeing the point of view of rolls up behind the suspect’s vehicle as officers on foot attempt to get the driver out of the car. Once the driver becomes boxed in, he attempts to bump the cars surrounding him until he manages to clear a path to drive through so he can evade. Police then lost track of the suspect. 

The Charger was later found abandoned.

A police officer was thrown to the ground in the incident but didn’t suffer serious injuries, according to the Post.

Dakota Canales, 18, was arrested by police following the incident. According to the Post, the 18-year-old was a passenger in the car.