Dodge Teases the 2019 Challenger SRT Hellcat’s New Nostrils

While the Demon bows out, the Hellcat gets a new hood.

byChris Tsui|


Entering its 11th model year in 2019, the Dodge Challenger is getting updates—specifically, for its 707-horsepower Hellcat variant. 

Teased with a couple of dimly lit photographs are a new pair of menacing hood-nostrils for Dodge's 'Murica-mobile. The current Hellcat's nose features a relatively restrained, single scoop. 

The car in the photos also features Widebody fenders and a new, electric blue color. Dodge didn't offer any other details on next year's Hellcat other than the fact that those new hood cutouts are 100 percent functional and pay homage to Mopar muscle from the '60s and '70s "but with a modern interpretation that looks even more sinister and provides maximum air intake to the supercharged powerplant." No word yet on whether the four-door 2019 Charger Hellcat sedan also gets the new hood. 

While the Challenger Hellcat gets renewed, the satanically brisk, 840-horsepower Demon does not, remaining a 2018 model year one-and-done affair, according to Allpar

Back in March, a Hellcat Challenger was caught doing "a bit more than 160" miles an hour, causing an Indiana State Trooper to hit 150 miles per hour trying to chase it down. Despite stories like this, Dodge evidently hasn't felt the need to temper the muscle car's appetite for speed and general aura of intimidation.

More details on the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will come to light this summer. The 2018 model starts at $65,495.

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