Dodge Hellcat Owner Records His Car Burning to the Ground

A man posted a video of his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat bursting into flames after the engine caught fire.

byIan O'Connell|
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Watching a car burst into flames is not something that most people would want to experience, especially when the car in flames is your own. YouTube content creator FamilyCruisin had the misfortune of experiencing this when his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was suddenly engulfed in flames. He managed to capture the event on video, which shows his car burning on the side of the road.

According to the video of the event that was posted on his YouTube channel, the exact cause of the incident is still unknown. In the video, the owner describes what happened right before the fire erupted. WARNING: This video contains strong language.

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The owner had recently taken the Hellcat to the dealership to have a new engine installed. He soon noticed something wasn’t right with the car.

The new engine showed some signs of trouble when the owner took the vehicle for a drive down a rural road he usually used to film his videos. “All of a sudden it was surging real bad and I smelled gasoline, and I opened up the hood and it started on fire,” he said in the video. 

“I’m driving up and down this road, and the car isn’t acting right at all,” the owner explained. “It’s getting worse and worse as I drive it. In the end, I made the turn to make the last pass, or soon to be the last pass, and as I’m hitting the gas, nothing is happening.”

Having your car burst into flames is certainly tragic for anyone, but something like this doesn’t seem entirely unexpected given the Hellcat’s history. 

Fiat-Chrysler recalled hundreds of Challenger SRT Hellcats due to issues with fuel leakage and potential fires within the vehicles. It isn’t apparent whether or not the owner in the video was aware of vehicle recalls.

Thankfully, the owner didn’t seem to be physically injured during this incident.

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