Warm Up With a Daily-Driven, 1,000-HP Dodge Hellcat Spitting Fire in the Snow

When Hell freezes over, it’s time to play.

byKyle Cheromcha|
Warm Up With a Daily-Driven, 1,000-HP Dodge Hellcat Spitting Fire in the Snow

We know, we know. After a positively frigid start to 2018, the last thing you need is another reminder that yes, it is in fact winter outside. But we think you'll agree that this video of a flame-spitting Hellcat dancing through the snow is about as warming as an Irish coffee by the fire.

Owned by @Mad_SRT and featured on the Sinister Life YouTube channel, this Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been tastefully modified with high-performance injectors, a Solo Performance Exhaust system, nitrous, and a custom intake. The combination is good for just over 1,000 horsepower, which turns out to be more than enough for seven minutes of spicy snow donuts in a Michigan parking lot.

@Mad_SRT's Instagram feed shows that he doesn't baby the car—as he puts it in one post, he "didn’t pay $70k+ for a garage queen," and there's more than a few shots showing the high-power muscle car caked in the usual winter road grime. His throttle control in the featured video is impressive, considering how easy it is to spin the rear tires on pavement. And we commend his choice of a completely abandoned, snow-covered lot for the location.

The first Dodge Challenger SRT Demons have been delivered to customers at this point, but given Fiat-Chrysler's apocalyptic warnings to owners about driving it in inclement weather, we've yet to see the kind of grainy, low-production videos of parking lot hoonage that signal a car's true arrival. Until that happens, the fire-breathing Hellcat is happy to deliver.