Watch the Dodge Demon Bully Its 707-HP Brother on the Drag Strip

This drag race between the 808-horsepower Demon and 707-horsepower Hellcat goes exactly as expected.

byChris Constantine|

The difference between the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and SRT Demon is purely a number's game. The former costs $64,000 and makes 707 horsepower, while the latter goes for about $85,000 and puts down 808 horsepower, or 840 horses with the power module installed from the optional $1 Demon Crate. The roughly $20,000 price and 101-horsepower gap between the two is a solid disparity on paper, but how do these differences translate into the real world?

YouTube channel Wheels uploaded a video of a quarter-mile drag race between the Challenger Hellcat and Demon brothers, an environment which both of these hot Dodges call home. The Hellcat appears to perform a better launch, but the Demon is out in front in no time. The rest of the race is closer than we expected though, as the Demon maintains only a one or two car-length lead over the 'Cat.

As Vin Diesel would tell you though, it doesn't matter how close the two were, the 808-plus-horsepower (there's no mention as to whether the 840 horsepower module is installed) Challenger was still plenty faster. The victorious Demon crossed the finish line at 133.84 mph in 10.07 seconds, with the Hellcat hot on its heels at 124.22 mph in 11.09 seconds, a huge gap in the world of drag racing.

Was this test really needed to show that the more expensive and more powerful car was faster? Probably not, but real-world horsepower demonstrations are fun, and we'll never tire of watching the Demon tear up a drag strip. Skip to 1:50 in the video below if you only want to see the actual Hellcat vs. Demon shootout.