Two New Dodge Challenger SRT Demons to Be Auctioned Together at Monterey Car Week

Mecum estimates this devilish pair is worth at least a quarter-million dollars.

byEric Brandt|
Two New Dodge Challenger SRT Demons to Be Auctioned Together at Monterey Car Week

Sure, one Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is fine—if a single 840-horsepower muscle car is enough for you. But if you have a devil on both shoulders, want to snag two copies at once, and you want them to be red, boy are you in luck. Mecum is auctioning two Demons as a pair called "The Offering" at Monterey Car Week in California later this month and they could both be yours for an estimated price of $250,000-275,000.

Despite being the same car, these two Demons aren’t quite identical. Of the 3,300 Demons produced, the ones offered here are serial numbers 1045 and 1142. Number 1045 is the one with the blacked out hood, roof, and trunk lid, while the 1142 car is all red. No. 1045 has just 43 miles on the clock compared to 77 on #1142; both cars still have plastic-covered interiors and the yellow shipping protectors on the front spoilers. 


The MSRP for the Demon when you could still order a new one from the factory started at $84,995. So what makes this pair of Demons worth at least a quarter-million dollars? The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has the distinction of being an instant collector car because of its limited production run. The 3,300 that have already been built for the 2018 model year are all the Demons the world will ever see, so the opportunity to buy one at all is rare. To buy a pair of them that are essentially brand new is an even rarer chance.

This won’t be the last time that ultra low-mile Demons cross the auction block, but it will be interesting to see where the value is at for these insane drag cars. If you want to be the one who determines that value and you have two garage spaces and a few hundred grand to spare, bring your checkbook to Monterey August 23-25.