This Kit Lets You Build the Dodge Magnum Hellcat Widebody of Your Dreams

Sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands.

byChris Teague| UPDATED May 6, 2020 9:10 AM
This Kit Lets You Build the Dodge Magnum Hellcat Widebody of Your Dreams

As recently as 2008, you could walk into a Dodge dealership and drive out in a Magnum station wagon that packed a Hemi V8. Today, the company makes all sorts of mean-looking, environmentalist-be-damned muscle cars, but there's no delicious wagon in the lineup. That's where JayeFab comes in, a Nevada shop that brings some of the best styling elements of the latest Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody to produce one bastardized but awesome-looking machine.

The shop developed its kit from scratch, which is a lot more intricate and difficult than simply adapting stock body panels to fit the wagon. Pricing for the new widebody setup (compared to the regular Hellcat kit) is a bit steeper than the company's other products but will still land far below the cost of buying a used Charger Hellcat. The fender flares go for $3,250 and the standard conversion kit costs $5,800. All-in, that's not a terribly hefty sum, but keep in mind that you’ll also have to bring your own Magnum and mods to the party. JayeFab also offers a kit to convert the Magnum to the previous generation Charger Hellcat and will eventually release one to give your wagon a Chrysler 300-inspired makeover.

In messages to The Drive, JayeFab said the kit will fit all Magnum models and will be a styling upgrade only, meaning you’re on the hook for any performance upgrades that need to be made to the car. If you want to upgrade to an actual Hellcat crate motor, be ready to pony up anywhere from $7,000 to almost $20,000 for the extra grunt. 

The good news is that it’s a full bolt-on kit, so it doesn’t require any serious mods to the donor wagon to install. The shop says that everything about the setup, down to the headlight wiring adapter is plug and play, which drastically reduces the amount of effort required to put together. 

This isn’t the first time JayeFab massages the Dodge wagon into something more hardcore. We actually covered the kits last year, but that was before the company announced their widebody conversions. The photos above show the original kits, which are still for sale.

Preorders for the widebody and Chrysler 300 conversion kits are open now. The company says that if all goes according to plan, the first shipments will leave their warehouse in early June, so go pick up a Magnum and get to work.

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