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Teaser Video Hints the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Is Imminent

Let's get ready to kick the tires and light the fires.

There have been a few subtle hints that Dodge was readying a Charger Hellcat Widebody. We’d seen camouflaged prototypes, production mules, and even Dodge itself gave us a sneak peek by dropping a photo of a camouflaged production-ready sedan. Now, the time is almost upon us. Dodge is finally almost ready to release its latest monstrosity. 

Teased for the final time in a trailer that dropped earlier today, Dodge’s cinematic masterpiece aimed at teasing the Charger Hellcat Widebody starts over the scantily covered Hellcat grille badge. The sheeting, though, doesn’t leave too much to the imagination. From there, the camera pulls back and some unknown force begins to unsheath the new muscle car from behind. It gives us an ever-so-brief glimpse of the Charger Hellcat Widebody before the screen cuts to black with the words, “Coming Soon,” against the backdrop.

After Dodge’s successful run of the Challenger Demon, the company’s engineers decided to take the Demon’s widened fenders and stance and start sticking them onto the lineup of standard Challengers. This not only gave the Challenger a far more aggressive look but also gave Dodge’s engineers enough room to make the larger-than-average car a far more nimble and track-focused machine.

As for the four-door Charger Hellcat Widebody, Dodge will likely replicate its success of the fattened-up Challenger. That means widened fenders to allow for a square stance, beefier tires and brakes, the same 707-horsepower supercharged V8—though we could see in the new future a 797-horsepower Redeye version—and a host of new exterior changes that helps not only keep the wheels and tires looking perfect, but also gives the Charger Hellcat Widebody a menacing appearance. 

We’ll know more soon as Dodge says it will pull the covers completely off the Widebody Hellcat Charger soon. Stay tuned.