Lamborghini Researching Carbon Fiber for Medical Use

The Italian supercar maker is partnering up to study new composites to be used in prosthetics.

byChris Constantine|
Lamborghini Researching Carbon Fiber for Medical Use

Automobili Lamborghini announced that it will partner with the Houston Methodist Research Institute to find new ways of utilizing carbon fiber. Unfortunately for us car enthusiasts, this isn't to test new forms of performance material to put in Lambo's latest hypercar. The masters of the 6th element will lend their knowledge to the HMRI to develop better and more human-friendly materials for use in prosthetic limbs. Lamborghini hopes that this expertise will advance medical technology and help the institute develop more refined biomedical components. This partnership is yet another fusion of automotive and medical technology, and may further strengthen the bond between humans and cars. 

Lamborghini and the Houston Methodist Research Institute will combine forces to research the effect of carbon fiber in prosthetics. They hope to come up with a useable material that will be sturdier, lighter, and more compatible with human physiology than current prosthetics. HMRI's ironically named (given the new partnership) CEO Mauro Ferrari recently flew to Sant'Agata Bolognese to discuss plans for the research program. As an expert on bioengineering and nanotechnology, he will work with Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali to oversee the project. 

Domenicali has had his hands full with the educational and medical fields lately, so this news comes as no surprise to fans of the exotic car manufacturer. Lamborghini has ties to many medical facilities in Italy, including the medical research department at Bologna University. Pretty soon they'll be fixing broken legs when they aren't busy breaking lap records.