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Someone’s Gonna Overpay for This 1978 Ford Bronco With a Super Duty Face

The 1978 Ford Bronco and modern Ford F-250 Super Duty mashup is expected to fetch six figures at auction next month.

Late last year, a video showing an old Ford Bronco and modern Ford F-250 Super Duty mashup made the rounds on social media, captivating (or traumatizing) people. The response was rather mixed, of course, with most folks leaving it to Ford to re-up the famous SUV, which was already on the radar at that time and would ultimately be revealed the following summer.

If you were a fan of this thing, I’ve got some good news—it’s for sale! The one-off build is headed to auction early next year, so with enough desire (and cash), the custom 1978 Ford Bronco Super Duty mashup can be yours.

It turns out that the Bronco was built as part of a builder’s challenge for the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association. The shop that built the truck, Vintage Iron and Restoration of Scottsdale, Arizona, wasn’t named in the dossier for the auction, but it reportedly dismantled an accident-free 1978 Bronco for the build and spent the next two years piecing it back together as something new.

With some top-notch fabrication skills, the shop grafted components from the front end from a late-model Ford F-250 Super Duty, including the headlights and grille, onto the Bronco. It also received some modern Ford taillights and chromed Super Duty wheels to complete the look.

The interior has been redone by installing powered components from one of Ford’s King Ranch edition trucks. The two-tone leather seats add a premium look and feel to the off-road-capable truck, and complement the modern amenities within the old platform.

Under the hood is a brand new Ford Performance 5.0-liter Coyote V8, which is mated to a Ford six-speed automatic transmission. In case you’re wondering, yes, it can also put in the work, as it’s retained four-wheel-drive thanks to a Ford F-150 Raptor transfer case, according to the builders. The truck is also modernized with custom-built suspension, eight-lug axles with lockers, and disc brakes at all four corners.

The Bronco will be sold at Mecum in Kissimmee, Florida in early January. This is the second time the truck will be going up for sale within 12 months, the first time being at Glendale, Arizona in March 2021 where it fetched $173,250. January’s sale is expected to bring in somewhere between $160,000 and $175,000, so get those checkbooks ready if retro-modern is your calling.

And hey, if you’d rather have a Ford Super Duty with a Bronco front end, you could always consider the MegaBronc instead.

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