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2019 Roush Ford Super Duty: When You Need to Out-Macho Every Other Pickup in Your Cul-De-Sac

As if the factory Ford Super Duty wasn't tough enough, Roush has come around to bolster both its looks and its off-road prowess...just in case.

Year, Make, and Model: 2019 Roush Ford Super Duty

Topline: Where there’s a tuner-friendly Ford, Roush Performance is sure to be found developing a package to make it even more attractive to the enthusiast crowd. The company that’s long been fiddling with Mustangs and other go-fast offerings from Dearborn has made an equally good living off modifying trucks as of late, and it’s kept up that trend with the new 2019 Roush Super Duty—a mean-looking pickup that’s received a handful of style and performance touches from the aftermarket stalwart.

What’s New: You’ll find the majority of Roush’s modifications are largely cosmetic, ranging from in-house-designed 20-inch wheels to a special front grille and bumper cover. These add-ons have been created to complement the existing equipment on the 2019 Super Duty with the aforementioned bumper cover enabling the truck to still use factory features like radar cruise control. Other bits offered in the all-inclusive package consist of the familiar Roush graphic decals and a rear “R” square hitch cover further solidifying that your truck has, indeed, been given the Roush touch.


A high-flow, DPF-back exhaust will also be fitted to all diesel models with dual 5-inch tips for a different look over stock.

Finally, moving on to the interior, Roush will custom-embroider your headrests while also including a unique console badge with your truck’s personal build number, Roush floor liners by WeatherTech, and, in diesel models, a custom gauge cluster.

Quotable: “The 2019 Roush Super Duty is our toughest, heaviest-duty truck,” said Jack Roush Jr. “We’ve designed this vehicle to work hard and play harder with unmatched Roush performance and style—whether you need to haul heavy loads of equipment, blaze a trail off-road, or tow your boat to the lake for the weekend.”

What You Need to Know: In all, the package costs $15,685 over the factory MSRP of your selected Super Duty truck. This total could vary widely as Roush will fit these components to either a 6.2-liter gas-powered Ford or the 6.7-liter Powerstroke diesel variant which commands a sizable premium over its counterpart. Regardless, you can build your Roush Super Duty via the online configurator and order it from any local Roush dealer.