You Won’t Outrun This 840-Horsepower Trans Am Cop Car

Imagine seeing this supercharged Screaming Chicken in your rearview?

bySean Evans|
You Won’t Outrun This 840-Horsepower Trans Am Cop Car


You’re looking at a Camaro SS that’s been converted into a Trans Am, bestowed with 840 horsepower, wearing the livery of a Jefferson County sheriff. It’s some vaporware from the folks at Trans Am Worldwide, the Tallahassee-based factory cranking out insanely awesome new Trans Ams. So what’ll it take for this dreamy vision to come to fruition? A heap of donations to the shop’s Kickstarter aiming to fund a TV show.

Tod and Scott Warmack, brothers and co-founders of Trans Am Worldwide, are looking for $780,000 to bankroll six episodes of “Family Fueled,” a half-hour reality series about the duo’s builds and projects. The show will take you inside their factory and family, following them as they singularly revive and reinvent a beloved defunct marque. One of the first builds they want to chronicle is the transformation of one of their Trans Ams into a police car, hopefully for their local sheriff though that’s yet to be confirmed.

Trans Am Worldwide garnered global attention this spring when they debuted their reimagined Bandit SE, a glorious, tire-eating, 840 horsepower homage to Burt Reynolds’ iconic wheels from Smokey and the Bandit. They even secured Reynolds himself to sign each of the 77 limited edition vehicles. The Bandit SE piqued our interest and we headed down to Florida to see their shop and get behind the wheel of one of their 740 horsepower creations. It was nothing short of incredible. See for yourself in the video below.