This ‘Dronco’ Body Kit Makes a Suzuki Jimny Look Like a Classic Ford Bronco

We like it. We like it a lot.

The Suzuki Jimny isn’t the heartthrob of off-roaders the world over without reason. Its minimal weight, tiny dimensions, ample ground clearance (and affordable price) make it a comically capable four-wheeler by any measure. All that’s wrong with it is that you can’t buy one in the United States, and that denial will pain any red-blooded driver all the more when they learn that there will soon be a kit to make a modern Jimny look like an original Ford Bronco.

Suzuki Jimny “Dronco”, DAMD Styling Effect

Japanese vehicle customization firm DAMD Styling Effect has designed several conversion kits for Jimnys to make them look like everything from a Land Rover Defender to a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, and its latest Bronco-inspired kit may be its finest work yet. The “Dronco,” as DAMD calls it, is inspired by “good old American original and beautiful styling,” and invites Jimny owners to mount the kit to their vehicles to “become a Dronco and run around!”

Becoming a Dronco seems to consist of swapping out the Suzuki’s factory front and rear bumpers, tacking on some tasteful chrome trim (ahem, Ferrari owners), and mounting a ladder to the Jimny’s tailgate. This can’t yet be done, as DAMD says the pictures you see above are computer renderings, though it also says it plans to put these kits into production this year. Let’s hope no lawsuit from Ford slaps those plans out of the sky—it’s not as if the Blue Oval will lose “Baby Bronco” sales to modified Suzukis.

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