2021 Ford Bronco Will Be Revealed on Primetime National TV July 13

“I’m kind of a big deal around here.” -The Bronco, probably.

byJames Gilboy|
Ford News photo

So far this year, we've been treating the 2021 Ford F-150 as the biggest new vehicle launch of the year, and not without reason. The world's favorite pickup truck will finally get a hybrid drivetrain, an onboard generator for tailgate parties, and down the road, hands-free highway driving capability. It's a marvelous step forward for one of the world's bestselling vehicles, but even the F-150 seems to be small peanuts relative to another new Ford, the revived Bronco, whose reveal will be broadcast on national primetime television.

Scheduled for Monday, June 13, at 8:00 p.m. EST, the 2021 Bronco's launch stream will be syndicated on Disney-owned networks ABC, ESPN, and National Geographic, as well as streaming service Hulu. To help hype its outdoorsy new SUV and its smaller companion model, the Bronco Sport, Ford enlisted the help of Disney CreativeWorks, cinematographer Jimmy Chin, and country musician Kip Moore to produce promotional films, which will air separately before becoming available on Hulu the following day.

Ford initially planned to unveil the 2021 Bronco at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which would have been held in June for the first time in event history if not for the outbreak of COVID-19. The Blue Oval instead rescheduled the SUV's debut for July 9, but again backed down from this date after the public pointed out that this coincided with the birthday of OJ Simpson—who famously fled the police in a Bronco. Third time's the charm, it would seem.

Eager Bronco buyers will be able to place reservations for the hotly anticipated new SUV as soon as the reveal broadcast begins, for the modest price of $100. That's the same price as a Tesla Cybertruck reservation, though unlike the Tesla, you can actually expect to see the Ford out on the public roads in a more timely manner.

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