Dealers Claim 2020 Ford Bronco Prototype With Removable Doors, Hardtop Is a ‘Game Changer’ (Updated)

Ford dealers that have seen the new Bronco reportedly think they have a Jeep Wrangler-killer on their hands.

byJames Gilboy|
Dealers Claim 2020 Ford Bronco Prototype With Removable Doors, Hardtop Is a ‘Game Changer’ (Updated)

Update, April 3: Images of patent documents filed in Germany by Ford, depicting removable doors on a two-door SUV, have surfaced since this article's initial publication. We have added these images below.

Ford has reportedly revealed a prototype of its highly anticipated Bronco SUV to dealers, one of whom called the off-roader a "game changer" while another said it's "twice as cool" as they thought it'd be. Ford has been working tirelessly to perfect the nostalgiac brute, and in playing even more to the classic-loving crowd, the new model will reportedly come with a rad removable hardtop as well as removable doors.

Both dealers wished to remain anonymous, as reported by Automotive News. They were reportedly in attendance at a two-day event hosted by Ford for its top dealers in Palm Beach, Florida last month, where the Bronco prototype was apparently displayed.

These and other dealers reportedly described the Bronco prototype as a two-door model, though the SUV will be reportedly available in a four-door configuration. Like those of Ford's benchmark, the Jeep Wrangler, the Bronco's doors are said to be removable and storable in the rear of the truck. Unlike the Jeep, however, the Bronco's mirrors will be mounted to the A-pillar, meaning the mirrors won't be gone when the doors are. A removable roof will reportedly tick the final open-air box, though there was no word as to whether this panel could be stored within. There was also no indication of whether this Bronco featured its rumored seven-speed manual transmission.

Patent Images for Possible Removable Doors on 2020 Ford Bronco

, Ford via Google

Design for the Bronco is said to be old-school, featuring a rectangular grille stamped with "Bronco" script and circular headlights.

This prototype was reportedly among three vehicles of which Ford gave its dealers a sneak peek, the other two being the "Mustang-inspired" electric crossover (which we suspect will be named "Mach E") and a smaller off-roader, currently known only as the "Baby Bronco" to the public.

Ford reportedly told dealers that the latter will be the first in a lineup of dedicated off-roaders, which are allegedly due for launch in mid-late 2020. Three months or so after the supposedly leaked "Baby Bronco" reaches showrooms, its bigger Bronco brothers will follow, again succeeded by an unnamed unibody pickup truck coming in 2021 at the soonest.