Possible 2021 Ford Bronco Startup Screen Animation Leaked: Report

It looks like someone got ahold of a secret file before the off-roader's 2020 debut.

In the time leading up to the 2021 Ford Bronco’s reveal, leaks have come around about once a month, detailing the off-road SUV’s alleged engine options as well as a series of removable roof and door designs. With October now underway, a video has been posted to YouTube that drops a relatively small but interesting visual bread crumb. This is, apparently, the Bronco’s initial startup screen.

Uploaded on Oct. 14, the video has gained just over 300 views at the time of publishing. It’s only 16 seconds long, but in that short window, we see an animation of rocks tumbling down a mountainside that eventually come together to form the famous Bronco logo. It’s set against a mountain range backdrop, which gives a nod to the upcoming truck’s four-wheeling capability. In the now-famous teaser shot released by Ford a few months back, the Bronco’s silhouette can be seen in front of a rocky desert.

We’re not sure how the YouTube user was able to find this file so far ahead of the truck’s 2020 release, but it’s worth noting that this clip isn’t filmed from inside an actual Bronco. Instead, it appears to show the screen and center stack from a current-gen Ford F-150. Another video posted to the uploader’s channel shows a Lincoln Aviator startup clip from the same vehicle.

Collectively, this is another building block that we can use to create a rough mental draft of the Bronco before it’s released sometime next year.

The Drive has reached out to Ford for comment on this video and we’ll update this article once we receive a response.