Ford Offers to Cover Repair Costs For 1.7 Million Explorers With Possible Carbon Monoxide Issues

After a long investigation, Ford is finally owning up to the issue.


Over the past year or so, Ford has been under fire for reported carbon monoxide leaks in Ford Explorers from 2011-2017 as well as Ford Interceptor Utilities. On Friday Ford announced they are offering to pay for repairs on 1.4 million Explorers allegedly effected by the exhaust/carbon monoxide issue.

This announcement was made after the federal government and the NHTSA got involved in the investigation and deemed the complaints credible. Numerous police departments throughout the US have complained about their officers feeling sick or lightheaded while on patrol in certain conditions prompting departments like Austin, Texas to temporarily take all 400 over the Ford Interceptor Utilities out of service for testing and repairs.

According to Ford, the repairs entail having dealers reprogram the air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves and inspect the rear vehicle seals. Ford believes this will solve any issues, but Ford also stated they tested the vehicles and did not find levels of carbon monoxide above normal values.

Federal regulators have stated they have recognized over 2,700 complaints with three crashes (two MOS) and 41 injuries/illnesses. The repairs will take place at local dealerships starting November 1st.