1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 Lego Set Is A Stunner, Just Like The Original

It's a sweet piece of American muscle recreated in little plastic blocks.

Lego has revealed its new model of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. It’s an authentic recreation of a muscle car icon, and one of the best Lego car models yet.

The car is finished in black. It’s a natural choice for the much-loved ’69 model that suits the vehicle well. It’s fitted with the flirty rear spoiler as well as the famous ZL2 cowl induction hood, one of the hallmarks of the Camaro. There’s a red interior, too, and the car can be set up as a hardtop or convertible as per the builder’s wishes.

The classic stripe pack is included with the car, in three color options—white, red, and grey. The headlights can also be set up with the classic round design, or fitted with the hideaway panels instead. The trunk and hood can both be opened, and there’s a little model of the V8 lurking inside, complete with air cleaner.

Other nice touches include remarkably authentic drilled wheels and those stunning tail lights. There’s a set of “fuzzy dice” for the rear-view mirror, consisting of a pair of 1×1 Lego blocks. Two license plates are included; your car can be “CHVY 69” or “P4N T3R.”

Lego cars sometimes suffer from the limitations of the blocks themselves. They tend to look like crude approximations of the cars they’re supposed to be. However, Lego has stepped up its game for the ICONS series. The elegant lines of the original auto are instantly recognizable, without a lot of jagged squares ruining the look.

The set would make a great gift for the Camaro obsessive in your life, and is one of the prettiest Lego cars we’ve seen yet. It launches on August 1 for a price of $169.99. Just keep in mind that many Lego car sets will soon go up in price, so it likely pays to get in sooner rather than later.

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