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Did You Know John Cena Daily Drives a 2020 Honda Civic Type R?

Cena says he loves his Civic Type R because it's manual, reliable, and stable at 145 mph.
Whiskey Ginger via YouTube / Honda

Wrestling legend and Fast & Furious film star John Cena isn’t just a car enthusiast on the screen: He’s also one in everyday life. We know this because his daily driver is a Honda Civic Type R, which he revealed on a podcast.

“My daily driver is a [Honda] Civic Type R. It’s got tech, it’s manual, reliable,” Cena said on an episode of Andrew Santino’s show Whiskey Ginger. “Dude, it’s a 2020, and it’s got a third pedal, and at 145 [mph] it’s stable. Like, it goes. It’s got seats in the back, I can actually pick people up.”

“You know, if you have a purse, in a [Lamborghini] Countach, you’re screwed,” Cena continued. “And they’re a little bit rough around the edges. The clutch is a dogfight, and it’s really tough to get those things running right. Like, they’re always in the shop, it’s always leaking some sort of fluid somewhere.”

“So, if I actually need to drive a car, on a distance that’s more than like 10 miles, it’s the Civic.”

It’s unclear whether Cena speaks from the experience of owning a Countach, though he has owned other exotic cars. His collection has encompassed a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and a 2017 Ford GT, whose resale landed him a lawsuit from Ford that was settled for an undisclosed amount.

Cena’s taste in cars is far broader, however, with GQ highlighting a selection of classic American muscle cars—but also a Jeep Wrangler, and a Lincoln Continental that Cena reportedly lived out of before his big break. Similarly, his F&F co-star Ludacris still owns a high-mileage 1993 Acura Legend, which he purchased before attaining fame. Both cars likely serve as reminders of where the stars came from, not to mention being comfy time capsules from automotive eras now past.

There’s actually quite a bit of car talk in this episode of Whiskey Ginger. If you’re interested in hearing Cena speak fondly of a certain Triumph, dial it back a bit further to 1:06:20.

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