A 16-Mile 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Just Sold for $102K

This hot hatch is number 001 of 600 in the series.

I like a good Honda Civic as much as the next person; a Civic coupe was the first new car I ever bought, and in my opinion, the Type R has one of the most forgiving, smoothest manual transmissions on the market. A Type R Limited Edition Civic runs more than twice the price of a base model, and for good reason: it’s an amalgamation of great handling and rakish looks way beyond the average Civic.

Even so, $102,000 seems like a lot to pay for one of these hot hatches. And that’s exactly what a Bring a Trailer bidder paid for the privilege to take home number 001 of 600 examples of the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (R for racing, of course) in a blazing Phoenix Yellow. With black chrome trim and red accents and badging, it’s a looker with a driving experience to match, especially on the track.

Bring a Trailer 

In her review of one of this car’s siblings, The Drive’s Kristen Lee took a Type R Limited Edition for a spin and came away impressed.

“Transmission gates are beautifully defined and the shifter slots into them with a satisfyingly muted clunk,” she wrote. “Few things bring as much pervasive joy as great mechanical shift-action; you’ll find yourself knocking around the Civic Type R’s gearbox for no reason other than hunting for that sweet hand candy. The Civic Type R as it is right now is very nearly perfect. And so while I have enough faith in Honda and the JDM gods that the next Type R almost certainly won’t be a flop, I also wonder if it’ll retain the old magic that this one does.”

If magic means a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four paired with a six-speed manual, Brembo front brakes, LED headlamps, a front splitter, hood scoop, and a fanciful rear wing, then yes, this absolutely fits that description. Number 001 has only 16 miles on the clock, and there’s no telling if the buyer is planning to add much more to that number. For that price, I can imagine this is going to be a garage queen as it racks up value.

In the comment section, onlookers ranged from delighted to aghast to outraged. “I am seriously disgusted at this auction for a CIVIC, it makes me want to delete my BaT account,” said one. (Perhaps this person does not understand the significance of the 001 designation of this particular Civic.) Another commenter said, “Last of the great handling ICE drivers’ vehicles. Congratulations; this is a collectors’ grade that will appreciate.” 

However you feel about a six-figure Civic, with the way these cars are appreciating in the current market, the buyer may just have a steal on their hands. 

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