Watch the Evolution of the Honda Civic

Take a unique look at how the Honda Civic has been molded through the years.

Honda News photo

Recently, Donut Media has been releasing weekly videos for their series Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed featuring a back story on enthusiasts' favorite cars and brands, but before they started that series they had an Evolution video series. The videos in the Evolution series were simple, they picked an enthusiast's car and started with the first variant of it. You then slowly see that model mold over time into the car you see today with some specs on what changed year-to-year sprinkled in. Donut Media recently released a new video for that Evolution series on the Honda Civic.

The video starts with the 1973 Honda Civic SB and takes you through the different generations touching on milestones such as the 1985 Honda Civic 1500 Si AT which was the first Civic with Sports Injection (Si), the 1997 Honda Civic Type-R which was the first Type-R Civic, and the 2016 Honda Civic Type-R which has bought the Type-R hype back to the United States. 

Honda is getting a lot of love for their new Honda Civic Type-R. The 306 horsepower front-wheel-drive monster is capable of 144 mph and gets to 60 mph in just five seconds. The love of the car along with its exclusivity in the Civic range has allowed dealerships to mark up the rare car but fear not as rumors are there is a cheaper entry-level Honda Civic Type-R which will be available next year.

In the meantime enjoy a look at how the Honda Civic has changed in its 40 years. Check out Donut Media's video below.