More Proof that a Cheaper, Entry-Level Honda Civic Type R Will Be Available Next Year

Recently discovered NHTSA filings confirm the Twitter rumors from earlier this year.


Back in April, we reported on a rumor that Honda may be coming out with a cheaper, lighter, stripped-down version of the Civic Type R for 2018. That was based on a screenshot and Tweet from noted Honda enthusiast HondaPro Jason. Now though, thanks to a NHTSA filing spotted by The Truth About Cars, the rumor looks to be confirmed. 

As of right now, Honda only offers the red-badged Civic in one trim level: Touring. Bearing model code FK8G7, the fully-loaded Type R wears a price tag of $33,900 before destination. (I'm told, however, that dealers and owners willing to part with one at anything near that rate are a little hard to find at the moment, but that's beside the point.) According to the new filing, Honda is going to introduce a second, non-Touring trim of the Civic Type R denoted with the model code FK8G3, which corroborates perfectly with HondaPro Jason's previous report. 

Considering that "Touring" trims usually occupy the highest rung of the price ladder for Hondas, we can expect the new model to be quite a bit cheaper. TTAC predicts it to land somewhere around $30,000. A less pricey, stripper-model CTR with fewer tech toys (and therefore, weight) would be quite the hit with the tuner crowd. 

When reached for comment, Honda responded with an "inability to comment on future product at this time."