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Watch the New Honda Civic Type R Attack the Nurburgring

The feisty four-door flexes its big wing, big brakes, and big attitude at the most demanding track in the world.
honda civic type r

We’ve been waiting a long time to see the 2023 Honda Civic Type R in all its glory, but unfortunately, today is not the day. However, we get to see yet another teaser released by Honda on Thursday, this time of the upcoming feisty four-door tackling the famous Nurburgring in what appears to be a private test back in May.

In a video titled “The wait is nearly over,” the new Type R hustles through the Green Hell’s tricky corners, some of which it seems to take at full throttle. In typical teaser fashion, Honda did not reveal new information about the long-awaited model, but a few scenes throughout the video show us key details we hadn’t really seen before.

The new Type R’s hefty Brembo brake rotors and calipers are put in the limelight, accompanied by a quick glimpse of the intricate front suspension assembly. The black wheels featured on this prototype are the same ones we’d seen before, but we do get a closer look at them this time around. It’s a pretty neat wheel design, though it’s unclear if it will make it to production.

Honda didn’t disclose who was piloting the Type R during this recent test, but judging from the two quick peeks inside the cabin during the video, the test driver was doing a heck of a job keeping the Civic pointing in the right direction at full tilt. Interestingly enough, while the driver’s upper body seems to be getting thrown around due to the ‘Ring’s bumpy surface, the steering inputs remain short and smooth, likely speaking to the car’s stability at high speed. Perhaps that big wing actually works, huh?

There isn’t much more that catches the eye here, at least not that I can focus on this early in the morning. As someone who’s had the pleasure of whipping the outgoing Civic Type R around several tracks before, I can only say that I’m extremely jealous of Honda’s test driver here. The new car, from what I can see so far, looks great, and it appears it’s going to drive even better.

Specifics about the upcoming Civic Type R’s drivetrain aren’t known yet, but this new video promises a “Summer 2022” debut, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer or endure more teasers until we see the full enchilada.

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