Adorable Honda E EV Could Get Type R-Like Hot Hatch Treatment: Report

Make it cute like a panda but angry like a grizzly.

byRob Stumpf|
Adorable Honda E EV Could Get Type R-Like Hot Hatch Treatment: Report

Honda's adorable all-electric city car might be in for a surprising burst of life. Its retro-inspired styling and small form factor have brought auto lovers together in support of the tiny EV more than Honda ever imagined; in fact, the Honda E might be in for a treatment similar to the Civic Type R.

In an interview with Top Gear, Honda's Assistant Large Project Leader Takahiro Shinya let slip that the brand has been discussing a performance-oriented version for the hotly anticipated two-door hatch.

“Well, this new platform, the motor, and tires can all take more [power],” Shinya reportedly told Top Gear at the vehicle's press launch event. “What I can say is we love Type R, it’s such a strong halo brand for us. As engineers, we want to make Type R of every model, but it’s whether the customer wants it that matters.”

It's not like the Honda E is lacking on power as it sits. Its ample electric drivetrain pumps out a respectable 232 pound-feet of torque and is available with 152 horsepower. Still, an 8.3-second zero to 60 time means that the Honda E isn't exactly quick on its feet. Could a Type R iteration improve on that without sacrificing on the car's modest 136 miles of range?

“You’ll probably see something more in a couple of years," Shinya later added. "Not a Type R, but something.”

The ingredients for a fun car are already there: low center of gravity, fully independent suspension, and power sent straight to the rear wheels. Perhaps if the Honda E doesn't get the special treatment, something else will down the line.

Let's be clear—this isn't a guarantee that engineers will be green-lighted to build a road-going version of the Honda E Type R, but it's definitely a thought in the back of their heads. If the demand, price, and technology all fall into alignment, the possibility of a hot hatch might just be in reach.

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