2011 Honda Civic Racks Up 500,000 Miles on Original Powertrain Thanks to Basic Maintenance

A little lovin’ and common sense can go a long way.

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For decades, the Honda Civic has been rated among the best and longest-lasting cars on the road, and it's made its way into countless top 10 and must-buy lists over the years. That’s quite a feat, but many of those studies focus on which vehicles will make it to 200,000 miles without major issues—a far cry from the number on the odometer of this 2011 Honda Civic that recently popped up on a Reddit post

The car’s owner even took a video to commemorate the moment that his beloved Honda made it to 500,000 miles on its original powertrain. 

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This Civic reached the mileage benchmark without any major issues and is still running its original engine and transmission. The owner says that he keeps up with regular maintenance by draining and replacing the coolant every 40,000 miles and notes that the oil gets changed every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. The current owner bought the four-door LX sedan in 2015 with just 32,000 miles, so Honda has seen almost 94,000 miles of driving every year since its purchase. The car was used primarily as a work vehicle for making deliveries, which explains how the miles were racked up so quickly.

The Honda’s odometer readout is certainly worth a nod, but these types of stories have become increasingly common in recent years thanks to improving build-quality across the industry. Vehicles themselves have become more reliable and longer-lasting, but the owners that care for them are almost as impressive. Just last month, we heard the story of the million-mile Nissan Frontier, and before that a 2006 Civic, a Porsche 356, a Toyota Tundra, and a Honda Accord, all of which crossed the million-mile mark just last year. With a few more oil changes and coolant flushes and a little luck, we’ll be writing the story of the million-mile 2011 Civic.

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