Watch a Racing Driver Survive an Unbelievable Crash That Split Honda Civic Apart

That’s not what roll cages are supposed to do.

byJames Gilboy| PUBLISHED Nov 28, 2019 9:00 AM
Watch a Racing Driver Survive an Unbelievable Crash That Split Honda Civic Apart

Video of a horrifying racing crash in the Dominican Republic that shows the driver being flung from the wreckage has started circulating the internet again, and we're glad to say that it's safe to watch as the driver reportedly survived with minor injuries.

According to a report from British outlet The Sun—which seems to pinpoint the video's recording date as September of 2018—Valentina Tomasello was racing in an event called the Toyota Grand Prix, held not in Long Beach, California but at Sunix Racetrack near the Dominican Republic's capital of Santo Domingo. Behind the wheel of a Honda Civic, Tomasello can be seen chasing a red-orange Honda Integra before the video cuts to what appears to be a failed overtake, in which both cars skid off a right-hand corner. Tomasello's car impacts a tree and then splits in half, flinging her over the Integra's roof and onto the ground.

Based on the footage, we can tell that despite the near-grassroots level of competition at this race, roll cages are indeed mandatory and Tomasello's wasn't up to scratch. Her belts—if she even had any—were clearly of dubious origin given that she was flung from the car, visibly without a helmet. 

Despite the brutal nature of her crash and questionable safety gear, Tomasello reportedly suffered only a single fractured arm in the crash and later posted an update on her condition to social media from her hospital bed.

Valentina Tomasello via The Sun

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