Drive to Work or Something in This 2003 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Looks solid.

byPeter Holderith|
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I was thinking somebody reading this might need some personal transportation. You know, a car, to get somewhere? Maybe go to work, or pick up a gallon of milk on the way home from the post office. Don't worry,  I got you covered. I browsed through a few listings and found a real honey of an '03 Honda Civic. Let me show you around this thing.

This Honda Civic EX coupe is a bit of a high-miler at 173,000 miles, but It's actually only had two owners. It's finished on the outside in a silver color called Magnesium, which I think looks pretty sharp. 

What's nice about this one as well is the factory alloys, which are actually a lot rarer than you think. They do a lot to class up the outside of this Civic. The vehicle also has a sunroof, which according to the seller is a rare combination to have with the alloy wheels. He seems like an honest guy. Let's take his word for it. 

The exterior is pretty clean, but the inside is even better. That's because this car is the fanciest EX trim level. The pinnacle of luxury when it comes to seventh-generation, 2003 Honda Civics.

I really do enjoy the natural lighting in these pictures. Really accents the proletarian utility this car offers. When I say proletarian, I don't mean that in an insulting, dirt farming kind of way. I mean it in a liberate the workers kind of way, if you know what I mean.

I'm certain I'll be skewered in the comments for only searching for manual Honda Civics, but honest to god, that wasn't the case. Clicked on this guy, thing looked clean, took a peek inside, and there it was. This whole package is made even better by the fact that the five-speed manual is hooked up to the most powerful engine you could get without going for a performance trim, the D17A2. 

The four-cylinder D17A2 makes a respectable 127 horsepower from its 1.7-liter displacement. The rev limit for this engine is up at 7,200 RPM, which I'm sure a lot of automakers would consider sporty today. That's just sort of how Honda used to do things, though.


At just $3,995, this car really starts to add up. Clean interior, nice drivetrain, the exterior is in good shape. Why not get this thing? This is the perfect way to go to work. Do something mundane. Drive to a restaurant and remember when you used to be able to sit down inside. Stuff like that. 

All the cars on websites like this one are fancy, expensive, fast and weird, or some combination of those things. I think it's good to highlight normal cars that are good at just being cars. They deserve respect too.

If you're somewhere around Seattle and you need a car, I would go pick this thing up. 

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