Honda Teases Urban EV Concept

It looks like Honda is finally serious about getting into the EV game.

Despite pioneering green cars for the mass market with models like the Insight hybrid and the hydrogen fuel cell-powered Clarity, Honda is way behind on electric vehicles. Aside from the short-lived EV Plus of the late 1990’s, Honda doesn’t have an EV to speak of. An all-electric version of the Clarity is coming, but it’s only supposed to get a range of 80 miles, which won’t make it very competitive.

According to a Tuesday press release, Honda has some big things to show off at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. The most interesting of which is the Urban EV concept. The concept they’re bringing to Frankfurt won’t be a production model, but rather, the Urban EV will be “setting the direction for a future production model.”

They’ll be showing it off in Frankfurt because it’s part of Honda’s mission to electrify its European lineup. This push is likely due to European leaders talking pretty seriously about limiting emissions in the near future, especially from diesels.

Speaking of diesels, another new debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show will be a diesel version of the Civic hatchback. Other new reveals will be a restyled Jazz supermini and a CR-V Hybrid prototype. No word yet on whether or not the all-new EV will come to the States, but we’ll keep you posted.