The New Honda Clarity EV Will Only Get 80 Miles of Range

Honda hopes consumers will be willing to sacrifice range for cost.

byMax Goldberg|
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It's only recently that EV fans have had more than a couple options to choose from. And, as electric vehicles become more popular, consumers will only have a wider selection at their disposal, and when EVs trickle down to the average commuter, range will become the new fuel economy. Automotive News recently spoke with Honda to the report the range limit for Honda’s latest all-electric vehicle, the Clarity EV—and, shockingly, Honda reports a meager 80 miles per charge. Shocking for the Japanese company, which has made serious efforts to become a player in the environmentally-friendly vehicle space.

It comes down to cost. American Honda Motor vice president of environmental business development, Steve Center, said the “pillar of the Honda platform is affordability.” With that in mind, Honda had to decide between a decently sized and affordable electric vehicle, or a vehicle with a longer range. Unfortunately, Honda was unable to increase the battery size without raising the price above the projected $35,000. Still, Honda believes the Clarity will find its place in the electric vehicle market, betting that low cost will bring some consumers into the fold who don't need outright range. (Plus, that 80 miles is plenty for the average American commuter, who travels about 30 miles round-trip.) We hope their right, but the Chevy Bolt's 238-mile range isn't doing the Clarity any favors.

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