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Lucid Air to Start At $60,000, Offer a Claimed 240-Mile Range

The announcement means Lucid's entry level electric car costs less and goes farther than the basic Tesla Model S.

While the trials and tribulations of Faraday Future have been sucking up much of the oxygen in the world of electric car startups, fellow Tesla competitor Lucid Motors has been quietly going about developing its own Model S-fighting four-door EV, the Lucid Air. As you’d expect, Lucid launched the Air in top-trim form, marking such bold claims as a maxim output of 1,000 horsepower, a range of up to 400 miles—and a price tag well into the six figures. 

On Wednesday, though, Lucid pulled back the curtain on the base model of the Air. The big takeaways: 400 horsepower, a claimed 240-mile range, and a base price of $60,000. 

That’s the cost before factoring in any federal or state tax rebates, too. Lucid’s official announcement touted a base price of $52,500, but that includes the $7,500 in U.S. rebates currently available for EV buyers and lessees—which is, of course, subject to the whims of Washington. Still, even at $60,000, the base Lucid Air is eight grand cheaper than the Tesla Model S 60

The entry-level Lucid Air’s 240 miles of range also means it should go about 30 miles farther than the comparable rear-wheel-drive 60-kWh Model S. All 400 horsepower comes courtesy of an electric motor feeding the rear wheels alone. 

On top of that, the basic Lucid Air also comes standard with a 10-speaker stereo, 19-inch wheels, LED headlights, a trio of touchscreen, a pair of trunks packing a total of more than 32 cubic feet of space, and 10 airbags. Lucid says the Air also comes standard with the hardware needed for autonomous driving, though we’re guessing that phrasing means the company, like Tesla, will charge owners to turn the system on. 

Should you desire to aim higher, all-wheel-drive is on the options list, along with the more potent powertrains that offer up to 1,000 horsepower and batteries that can carry the car as far as 400 miles on a charge. A “fully active suspension” will also be available, along with larger wheels, a glass roof, and a host of interior upgrades, such as rear seats that recline up to 55 degrees and heated/ventilated/massaging front thrones. 

Of course, check all those boxes, and Lucid says you’ll wind up paying more than $100,000 (though it says it’s not in a position to offer final pricing yet). A fully-loaded Model S goes for around $167,000, so we at The Drive are betting a Lucid Air with every box checked will cost at least $150K.