Tesla Adds 100D Model S, Model X

These new models offer the best range in the manufacturer's arsenal.

We usually get a big tip off from Elon Musk when Tesla does something new. He’ll release a statement to the press or simply post a tweet, but with this one, there was nothing. Setting that aside, Tesla upped the range in both their Model S and Model X by dropping the “P” for performance and keeping the 100D for battery size. In turn, this gives each of the respective EVs a longer range than they’ve ever had before.

The Model S sees the most noteworthy improvement here. The 100D version will supposedly reach 335 miles in one charge, bumping up 20 miles from the ever-so fast P100D. It also boasts a 41 mile extension from the 90D, but who’s counting. With this news, the Model S once again offers the longest range of any electric car on the market today.

Model X numbers are up considerably as well. Now, the 100D version of the electric Big can take you 295 miles before a fill up. This is a slight 6 mile increase from the P100D and 38 miles better than the 90D. This gives the more sensible buyer an alternative to the blistering performance of the “P” variant while keeping range numbers at the top of the spectrum.

Pricing stays close for both the Model S and X. Both vehicles will only cost $3,000 more than their 90D counterparts, making the lower powered version’s future a bit wary. The newest additions feature hefty discounts when compared to the “P” variant as the Model S sees a $42,000 difference ($93,700 for the 100D) and the Model X is priced $37,000 below its go-fast brother at $99,700 to start. So if you want the range and the performance, be prepared to cough up some extra cash as it won’t be cheap. 

This may end up being an important move for Tesla. It could change the landscape of their lineup by possibly doing away with 90D models in the future and also keeping them at the front of the pack as far as range goes. The 100D models offer a more affordable alternative to the ludicrous “P” versions, promising better sales and reviews. This trend will surely continue as the brand’s R&D continues.