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Porsche Classic Has The Shocks You Need For Your 993

New technology shock absorbers retain that classic 993 feel

There is an old saying among 993 owners, and it goes “Just Buy The Billies”. You see, the topic frequently comes up among owners looking for advice on what shock absorbers to purchase for their 993, and the answer has always been Bilstein. They’re expensive, but they’re good quality, and they retain some of that classic feel that the 993 is loved for. It would seem, then, that Porsche Classic has followed this advice, going to Bilstein to partner with them in an effort to perfect the shock absorber setup for 993 models, including the 993 Turbo. Working together, they’ve made what appears to be an excellent facsimilie of the original fitment dampers, while leveraging new tech advancements in the construction. The end result is a damper that gives the 993 its classic feel back, without compromising on quality or longevity. As with everything Porsche Classic has done lately, this shock absorber set is just so *extra*. 

Whether you have a narrowbody car or a sport suspension car, or a factory flared Turbo or C4S, Porsche Classic has a new suspension option to fit your car. Not only that, but they’ve committed to supplying this set of shocks for 993s until at least 2026. This brand new set has been Nurburgring tested, bench tested, and street tested to ensure your 993 doesn’t let you down. It’ll feel just like the day it rolled off the assembly line, assuming every other part of the suspension is still in proper mechanical order. Porsche recommends replacing all four dampers at once, which is proper procedure. 993 Owners don’t do things in half-measures. 

For Narrowbody Fitment: 

Front Left – 99334304140

Front Right – 99334304240

Rear Left/Right – 99333305138

For Widebody and Sport Suspension Fitment: 

Front Left – 99334304139

Front Right – 99334304239

Rear Left/Right – 99333305139

According to Porsche: 

Further information on the shock absorbers for your Porsche 993 and other Porsche Classic Genuine Parts is available from your Porsche Classic Partner and in your Porsche Centre. They also hold technical information for you, including installation instructions and details on any additional parts you might have to order.