You Can Buy a New Crankcase for Your Aircooled 911 Directly From Porsche

Only 100 or so are available, so don’t wait too long.

byMáté Petrány|
You Can Buy a New Crankcase for Your Aircooled 911 Directly From Porsche

As spotted by Road & Track, Porsche Classic is now offering around 100 factory crankcases for 911s made from 1984 to 1998, priced at $7,978.85 and available straight from your dealer. That may be a pricey bit of OEM equipment, yet if you're in the process of rebuilding a Carrera 3.2, a 964 or a 993, this is your best chance of getting a quality crankcase for your flat-six.

The story goes that Porsche kept a stock of old crankcase blanks in storage, yet when the Classic team wanted to machine them into finished products, it turned out that the original plans were illegible. However, Porsche Historic Motorsports recently began making new crankcases for the Group C 962s, only for somebody to realize that the two were almost identical. The Historic Motorsports crew shared its milling program with team Classic, and a local company got to work on the old 911 crankcase blanks as well, resulting in a run of around 100 pieces.

While these crankcases won't work for the rare 3.8-liter versions of the 964 and 933 generations, Porsche Classic will sell you three versions for seven 911 variants. The first is for the 1984-89 Carrera 3.2 or Turbo; the second is for the late 1991-92 3.3-liter Turbos; and the third is for both the Carreras, 3.6 964 Turbos and 993 Turbos.

As you've probably guessed from this origin story, Porsche Classic will also sell you new crankcases and complete engines for the mighty 962 C. Back in the mid-1980s in IMSA, those 3,164cc engines produced 720 horsepower with their single KKK K36 (or Garrett ANDIAL) turbochargers. Meanwhile, the naturally-aspirated 1984 Carrera 3.2 was a 234-horsepower affair detuned to 207 hp for North America.

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