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See the Next-Gen Honda Civic Type R in Camo From Almost Every Angle

Roughly 20 photos of the car testing at Suzuka give us our best look yet.

Just to let us know how things are going on the fast-car-making front, Honda was nice enough to release a whole bunch of photos of the next-generation Civic Type R undergoing testing at the Suzuka circuit. 

Based on the new 11th-gen Civic hatch, the next Type R will feature a GT3-style wing along with a triple-exit exhaust and more aggressive bodywork all around. Judging from the new photos, it also looks like the new Type R’s fenders are more swollen than those of the regular Civic but more organically so compared to the stick-on flares from the last gen. It also looks like Honda is benchmarking this car against both pre- and post-facelift models of that 10th-gen car, with both making appearances in the background. 

Speaking of other Type R Civics, check out the camouflage pattern made up of “R” logos and outlines of all of this car’s predecessors. 

“Development of the best performing Honda Civic Type R ever continues at the world-famous Suzuka circuit. The all-new Type R will be introduced in 2022,” Honda’s press release reads. 

While previous rumors have mentioned all-wheel drive by way of an electric rear-axle as a possibility, Honda has yet to confirm any concrete engineering details about this car. However, given the fact that the rest of the 11th-generation Civic lineup has used carryover (albeit improved) engines, we’re gonna go out on a limb and predict that this new Type R will chiefly be powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-four, electrified or otherwise. 

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